Movement – On a Dark summer’s Day

A grey day but I was determined to set myself a photo challenge.. But what?

I got into Liverpool early and decided to take the same subject but from different angles, focal length, aspect, perspective you name it but what did happen was… as it was really dark I was able to set the shutter speed really low (albeit with a weenie aperture) and I spotted the escalators in Liverpool One shopping centre, trundling along all by themselves originally and thought I have my challenge… Movement!

So for the next few hours (and despite having to prove to the security staff at the shopping centre I was not taking er unsavoury pictures of people.. another article that I think for another day!) I got a few interesting images, all without the use of a tripod too.. So I was rather pleased with what I did get in the end..

Hope these inspire you to get out there and challenge yourself too