Neptune Brewery – Canning Day

This month saw us pay a visit to the wonderful Neptune Brewery as part of a brewing and canning promotional photo and video shoot. Along with the Canners the Neptune gang, Julie, Les and Gavin, made us really made us feel right at home, thanks for having us!. Quite a privilege to get to see all the hard work that goes into it all, something not everyone gets to see.

I got along there on canning day and presented a really good challenge for me, as the brewery generally had mixed lighting and where the action was, was fairly dark. I didn’t want to kill the atmosphere with extra lighting so I had to balance a slow shutter against an ISO I didn’t want to push up too much. I was so glad I took a mono pod (donated a while a go by Stu, cheers mate!) with which I could gain those all valuable F stops without getting in the way of the brewers/canners. A tripod would just not of worked so I was pleased I took it, I doubt I would have got the shots I did without it.¬†I used a 10-20mm (thanks Lisa!) and my 50mm and 105mm was able to get in close where needed.

The day itself was a hive of activity and it was fascinating to see the different elements of the process coming together to produce the final products. Apparently the canning machine was running at over 30 cans a minute.. Which I did note was almost as much as I could manage :>

Lisa was there throughout the whole brewing and canning process and produced the video below and I have added in some stills from the canning day. Hope it makes you feel thirsty!? Check out Neptune’s Twitter to see what else is ¬†brewing!