Afternoon Drinks – with Pom Poms

A wonderful afternoon with some very good friends of ours saw us visit one of our favourite pubs, The Grapes, on the corner of Roscoe St and Knight St, Liverpool. We then went on to visit the Kazimier garden which, on its own website describes itself as ‘In Liverpool city centre hides a food, drink and music establishment unlike any … L1’s original botanical, the post-biogenetic wonderland of the Kazimier Garden’. Couldn’t really top that description. Feeling hungry we headed to the Spice Thai, Fleet St. So authentic it hurts! (I so want to get back to Thailand!).. And take our friends with us of course. The more hardy of us (or mad, take your pick) had a final swifty in the Brass Monkey School lane.. and somehow we got home.. here are some snaps of the 400 I took that day!