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What is usability anyway?
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User centred design
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In the introduction, to this dissertation, I indicated that my goal was to evaluate usability in a 'methodical, concise and readable way'. I hope that I have, not only, achieved this but that I have done it in a way that has made the journey from cover to cover an enjoyable one for you, the reader.

I have attempted to establish what usability is, how it can be measured and why its importance should be appreciated when designing interactive systems. I have explored the numerous models, theories and themes that abound the arena of usability and have given illustrations that acknowledge their application in the real world, concluding with the Reuters case study.

Finally, I have above all, tried to stress the important role that the user can play in the development of systems and as a consequence why, in the "man-machine interface" [Grandjean 1988], the user must not be neglected.