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Keswick 2008


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We started out around ten as we were both a little under the weather so decided to take it easy on day one. So we just had to stop in Slyne in Hest (yes there is such a place and pub name) for a pint of Jennings and some chow. Oh and we just had to stop in the Traveler's rest too.. With a huge Pumpkin outside, a remnant of the Halloween festivities. Did some waterproofs shopping before checking into the Lincoln House B&B and got the best view in the house looking out towards Cat Bells and Grisedale Pike. After an aperitif in the Bank Tavern, we had a yummi indian meal in the Lakeland Spice Cuisine before walking it off by heading up to the Pheasant for a night cap.

Next day we did a few new things we'd never done before whilst in Keswick.. We went to Spout Force (a jet of water coming from the rock), once we managed to find it (calling in on Whinlatter park on the way). Afterwards we set off to find Lodore falls but couldn't so gave up and sought out the Bouder stone (a large rock settled on its edge after being washed down during the ice age). There is a ladder up to the top of it which some lads who were trying to climb, hang from the stone appeared not to notice (and got in the way of my shots!). Then the most exciting part of the day (Lisa had been looking forward to it) a trip to Honister Slate mine. One scary trip up the bleak pass to get there! After donning a hard hat and head torch complete with huge heavy lead battery pack, we headed up to the entrance up an even worse track, in a Land rover, driven by the owners Mum and guide for the day with dog Jet. In all a great visit along with some brilliant slate features such as the sill itself and use of scrap slate to act as a scaffold to work from. We also got an insight given into the miner's lives and the amount of pride they had certainly shows in the work on the slate left in the mine (such as the entrance tunnel walls and roof).

It was dark and cold by the time we got out so couldn't wait to get back into town and the George for a cow pie and Fish n Chips for Lisa, in time for a trip to the old style cinema (1920s?) Alhambra. We got the expensive seats (ha about 50p dearer than the stalls) but this didn't really make up for the slight disappointment in the film.. not the best Bond I've seen unfortunately.

Next day, wednesday was a big walk day. The weather had been great so far so plan A was set in motion and we collected some supplies (ready for the 'Keswick Butty') and headed off to Dodds wood, hopefully to go up onto Skiddaw. (Plan B was indoor activities!) One tough climb (how unfit have I got), especially the last stretch as the cloud, that had been hanging on the tops hadn't cleared. The temperature dropped drastically and I even managed to make a snow bird (like a Snow man but.. well you get the drift) as there were patches of snow that had not melted. We ate at the top, along with a snifter of course, in one of the shelters and only met two walking parties during lunch. The descent was welcomed, such a shame we couldn't see much from the top, and we were soon showered and refreshed ready for another aperitif, this time in the Oddfellows, before a tasty curry (jafrezi & Chicken Tikka Chilli Masala, delish!). A well needed brandy in the George before bed...

As the weather was holding well we decided to do some more walking. Went to Whinlatter, noticing the new Go Ape attraction they have there, but managing to do a few rope slides of our own (sure it was for the kids!). Actually saw some wildlife for a change, a red squirrel, but didn't see much else whilst following the green path (all the way for a change as part of it always seems to be getting being worked on). Some top views.. oo time for a snifter?

Back into town for some chips n gravy sitting in Hope Park, so different in the winter of course, before getting ready to see 'The Lonesome West' in the Theatre by the Lake. Great production and acted really well and a finish in time for a beer in the Four in Hand.

Last day we said our goodbyes to Joan at Lincoln House (top place and very welcoming host) and set of to the Rhegged Center in search of Dr Congo! The center is a really interesting place, modern with a grass roof! After a coffee to wake us up (all the walking had taken effect) we saw Rhegged - the lost kingdom, on the Imax, a film about the History of Cumbria and the myths and legends of Rhegged. We also visited the Discovering Cumbria exhibition which supplemented the film before lunch in Taste Cafe (very Cosmo) for a panini and red wine, very tasty. After a spot of shopping (got some things for my Poland Trip) we saw 'Grand Canyon - hidden secrets' on the Imax.. great to see it on the huge screen.

Then back home, no Booder or Dr Congo purchased..


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