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Greece 2008

Tigaki - Kos, Greece

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Well its been raining since last summer and the idea of a guaranteed week in the sun sounded so appealing! We decided to stay in Tigaki, only to save the pedal power required to get to the beach if we'd have stayed in Lambi, Kos. We stayed at the aptly named Mythos apartments for a week. The hotel itself turned out to be on the main street, but behind the restaurant, backing onto a field so it was nice and quiet, cept when the cows went off! moooo!. Even had a calf coming up to feed on the better grass outside the patio, cute.

The apartments had great atmosphere, our room, No 4, was spotlessly clean and modern and the staff were all really friendly, helpful and made us feel very welcomed. It also had a free safe but the key was linked into the room keys, the fob of which was needed to keep the power on in the room. Hmmm not that good if you need to something out of the safe of a night so take a magnet with you if you go

Flight was comfy, on a 767, but the landing was anything but soft!.. 'the wind had changed on approach' apparently.. result.. TV cowlings and overhead lockers opened and a few screams were heard! Still got to the Hotel in one piece around 12 in the night and after asking if we could get any food anywhere in the resort, was told that the bar would still be open for drinks (which was actually what I wanted all along!;>).. It would have been rude not to impose donít you think..

Apart from one day to Kos on the bus, most of our time was spent down at the beach and in the restaurants in the evenings. Had a tasty stifado, steady, in the Meni restaurant, which came with home made bread and flavoured butters. Vassilis, at the front of the Mythos, was excellent too. We also enjoyed a meal at Spyros, steak for me and a Pork, leek and feta thingi!

Went to a few of the bars too of course and even went to see the man with the snake and a stick to help Lisa over her mossi bites!

An event free flight back to the storms after a rather relaxing time..


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