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Holidays 2006

Amsterdam, Holland

When Mark first suggested we go and see Simple Minds we checked out their website only to discover that they were not going to play Liverpool this year (which subsequently is not now true). So as we were speaking about the options on the phone, whilst we each read down the gig page, we came to the same conclusion that if we were to see them in Manchester (parkings a pain) or Nottingham (and have a stop over.. ie more fun) we may as well see them in Amsterdam! Just a cheap after all! So became yet another visit to the Dutch capital!

Managed to get a B&B at the Botel for the four of us, Lisa and me and Mark and his wife Julie. And never watched their in house movies once honest! First time we had the breakfast there actually and it was rather good. We stayed there for 4 days in the end and were able to take in a few of the museums and canal trips as well as the Gig. Nanda and Jack, our Dutch friends, joined us on the Thursday too for a catch up and a fab Indian at the Koh-I-nor on Rokin. It was really good to see them again.

First night there was quite a boozy one, ha for me anyway. The bar owner even had to ask us to leave it was that late. Next mornings canal trip was not the best plan in the world but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Fab way for a newbi to get to see the city.

The gig itself was held at the Heineken Music Hall, just behind the Ajax stadium, where everyone was parked (what a great idea) except for us as we got the metro. Why do European city always have their transport boxed off!? As you could imagine the place was full of Dutch folk and it was quite a weird, but pleasant, experience being the foreigners for a change. The only down side was that they are all sooo tall! Still we managed to get a good view of Jim and the boys and the sound in this dedicated area was stunning.

Julie was a tad miffed that duty free didn't apply to internal EU flights but all in all another pleasing trip!


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