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Holidays 2005

The Lake District

And off to the Lakes we go for some autumnal colours (hopefully some nice snaps) and some fresh air. Well we got the fresh air all right, a little too much! And for all but the final day the Lake District was a distinct grey colour. We stopped off in Kendal for the first night at the wonderful Castle Green Hotel for a fab dinner although suffering a cold it sorta spoilt it a bit (hey it looked nice). The roads were treacherous, so flooded, north of Ambleside they became single track between two rivers it seemed, not a day to be a pedestrian!

Next day took us the few miles, although with the road conditions being the same quite a time, to Keswick and a pleasing three nights stay at Fell House. Our room had this huge bed in it, thought we were back in the States until we looked out the window and saw the weather (urgh shudder do we really have to go walking?). Breakfast was full, tasty and filling and the Hosts looked after us really well, giving us a hot flask for our walks. Whilst we were there we walked the very rainy: Whinlatter woods, Waller Crag and Ashness Bridge and Cat Bells. The last day was so bright and clear (typical hey) so decided to do an extra walk up Dodds Wood. My legs by this time had ceased to be part of me anyway!

Cat Bells was a tad windy to say the least and we had to shelter for half an hour, while the worst of it blew over. We chose a good time for mushroom spotting (do I really want to be telling you this?!) loads of them there were all shapes and sizes, no pixies though!, especially in Dodds Wood. In the evenings, after working out it was me who wasn't working properly and not the shower at the B&B, we'd head into town to try and find a space to eat. The pubs are full all year round, food is very pricey, but they are full of character. A little disappointed this year with the Jennings beer this time round, the taste seemed a bit flat to be honest. The best pint was on the last day in the Twa Dogs. Still the Lakeland Spice Cuisine Indian Restaurant lived up to its yumi reputation.

On the last night we went to see a play at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick, Hadn't seen a play for years and the one we saw, Dead Funny, was just that. A fine end to a rainy autumn break


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