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Holidays 2002

Overcast Lanzarote 28 November - 5 December 2002

Lisa hiding at El CharroAl hiding at El CharroIce Cold glass...its frosty man!writing homeYes we do go on holiday together! Well for the second time in the same year we visit the Canaries under a deep gloomy cloud.  Staying at the Jable/Bermudas Apartments in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, all we wanted was a rest in the hot sun but alas it was not to be. Undeterred we decided to go on an excursion to explore the island. Amongst the highlights was the Timanfya National Park, (Parque Nacional de Timanfaya) 50 sq miles of over 100 volcanoes. The Montañas del Fuego (Fire Mountains) were created between 1730 and 1736.The moonlike landscape, which appears much the same as it did just after the last eruptions in 1824 due to the low rainfall (and therefore lack of erosion), is cut through only by the narrow road, very dramatic!! Its scary to think that scientists are predicting the next eruption on the island will destroy it. Don't be too hasty in getting a time-share over here! While in the park we were shown experiments displaying how hot the land is even now, including being given some souvenir rocks that were shovelled from just under the surface that were to hot to handle! and how do you take a picture round a corner?!

The Green Lagoon of El Golfo

On the way back to our resort, on the western side of Lanzarote, we visited El Golfo,   a semi-circular Volcanic Crater (half of it has been eroded by the sea) which is filled with sea-water that has filtered through the black sand that seperates the lagoon from the sea.This green lagoon (the colour is caused by algae living in the water) contrasts with a black sand beach and wierd looking rock formations caused by the erosion. El Golfo is just one of a series of extinct volcanoes that line the shore where the natural black beach sparkles with the semi precious stone peridot, know locally as olivinas...Well I just had to have some for my stone collection didn't I? (cost me a Euro!)

At Aria, we also vistied Los Jameos del Agua, underground volacnic caves on the egde of the sea which was developed in 1968, by César Manrique (the famous artist and architect) for public viewing. As the visitor enters, they first enter a roofless "jameo" - Jameo Grande - 100 meters long and 30 meters wide and then into the main garden area, complete with swimming pool a scene reminiscent of a Bond movie set. Built into the sides of the jameo are a dance floor and two bars and at the end of the Jameo grande is an auditorium, again a cave, that seats 600 people, a popular venue for all types of performances. Within the Main cave is an underground lake which is the only place on earth that contains the famous 'Jameito',  tiny blind albino crabs.

 Jameos del agua, more like a Bond set!

The highlight of the day though was the camel ride. Neither of us had been on one before and were quite surprised how comfy it was (once the initial swaying and nausea had subsided!). The sandbags placed on Lisa's side of the camel to help balance things up were far too heavy in my opinion!

A good friend of minesea sick or what!

After the busy day we took rest in the best ever Mexican restaurant, El Charro, shame its such a long way away. Still its a thin excuse to get away as the food is fabulous and so so tasty. Then a few final glasses of Veltins and a few ridiculously OTT cocktails in some fab bar, I can't remember the name of, relaxing to the smooth late night jazz in a candle lit atmosphere.. perfect.  

Keswick 19 - 21 October 2002

That indian restaurant I keep droning on about View from Walla Crag. Keswick, Derwent Water and Bassenthwaite in the distance

Back to our normal time of year and we had a pleasant time taking a slow stroll to Ashness Bridge via Walla Crag offering us fabulous views of Keswick, Derwent Water, Bassenthwaite and the start of Borrowdale.

Borrowdale Valley and the start of Derwent WaterAshness Bridge

We came back via the lakeside in time for our hundredth meal at the Lakeland Spice Cuisine (yes it is that nice!). The next day there was snow on the peaks around Keswick, very picturesque, but I had no film left!! Ain't it always the way!??

Lisa opting not to swim in Derwent Water

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West Coast of America 29 August - 13 September 2002

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Keswick 27 - 29 July 2002

Heading down to Ullswater Resting on Helvellyn

Not like us to brave the hoards of tourists at the height of summer but well we just fancied a break and where better than the Lake district? We arrived Saturday, checked in and then moved up to Whinlatter forest for an afternoon wander about. Even so it was quite late in the day, it was really warm and so relaxing we fell asleep atop of a hill! On the Sunday we parked up in Glenriding and trekked the strenuous route to the top of Helvellyn. The weather came in, as usual, as we approached the top so another marvellous view foiled! That evening, however, the meal at the Lakeland Spice Cuisine (again!?) certainly made up for it and after a few pints of Jennings the lack of scenery was soon forgotten. On Monday we went to Dodds Wood where there was a viewing platform for a pair of Osprey that were nesting on the hills opposite. Apparently they haven't been seen in Britain for ages!

After Helvellyn..

Up in the cloud in dreary Fuerteventura 26 June - 3 July 2002

Phone Home!Waiting at the Walley Trolley StopGarlic Mushrooms... Yummmi!

A week in the sun is what was needed so again we set off to this fabulous island for a hot and sunny rest. As we near the Island airport we can see a cloud layer as thick as soup. On the transfer coach the Rep assures us it had only been cloudy that day and that the previous day was 90 degrees and that the forecast is for sun all week (is this expression of false enthusiasm written into Reps contracts I wonder?). Unfortunately there is forecast and fact and the fact was it was overcast all the time we were there! Still being a hero I even managed to get sun burnt the first day (highly unusual for me) so deceptive was the weather.

Peace!A Drink in Finnigans

With staying a little way out from Corralejo, at the Lobosol Apartments  we were introduced to the joys of the 'Walley trolley'. This was a bus that ran a circular route around the resort picking up holiday makers and dropping them off in town. It was in the guise of a little loco with couple of carriages getting trailed behind. If you missed your stop you'd could be on it all day.. Walley! Anyway whether it was a one stop ride or a wally, a Euro well spent in my opinion. It was also the first time we'd used Euros and good riddance to the peseta in my opinion. Strange though how the exchange rate is the same as the Dollar. Hmmm... Still despite the cloud we did enjoy ourselves visiting our favourite bars and restaurants; Chablis', Don Camillo III (yes believe it!), the Bombay restaurant, Fagan's, Finnagan's and numerous little tavernas on the waterfront.

Los Lobos Island

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