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Holidays 2000

Visit to the Lake District, UK September 2000

The lakes again I hear you cry? Yup! but this time it was camping not B&B (Brothers Water Sykeside Camping Park). In all my 28 years (ahem!) I'd never been camping before and it was such a laff...Well the fact was I was dying of a heavy cold and Dave had just had a pile of teeth out and was on antibionics. Suffice to say there wasn't much boozing going on in the male side of the group. The girls however had a fine old time with a huge bottle of Baileys. Setting up camp was fraught with difficulties...the ground seemed to be 2 inches of soil and then solid rock..tent pegs? forget it. I think we kept the tent down with sellotape in the end. The neighbours seemed to be setting up a can recycling plant next door and I also found out how cold camp site toilets can actually be! Attempted Hellvellyn but soon got fed up. Only got to 'Natlas mines' before returning to Glenridding, tired and hungry. Next holiday? Somewhere hot!!!

Al's on the Jennings Bitter but Dave's still on the Lemo!

Our Hols in blisteringly hot Fuerteventura July 2000

Lisa with her face painted like a tiger baby!Rolf Harris Impression with barrrh sheepAustin Powers impression: I'm a tiger baby!

Our lastest jaunt saw Lisa and I on the sun drenched beaches of Corralejo, well more like the sun drenched terraces of the fabulous bars there such as: Cheers where Lisa got her face painted as a tiger; Festers with the fab multi-talented impressionist DJ giving a great rendition of Freddy Mecury, Rolf Harris with blow up friend Barrrrh!; Thunderbird's Parker (with help from Lady Penelope alias JMC's Rep. Rob) not to metion Austin Powers.... all groovy baby!; Flicks complete with karaoke and another karaoke bar in Atlantico Centro which I forget the name of but they certainly wont forget my rendition of 'my way' in duet with Jes from Leeds (who sang in the style of Johnny Rotten); JB's.... a fab wine bar despite having to drink beer thru a snorkel; The Rock Island with the lovely cat and guitarist and Irish bars Finnigans and Rose O'Gradys.

We also had a day out on a jet powered catamaran. In the morning we visited a golden beach on Lanzarote for a spot of sun bathing before having lunch on board. Then, in the afternoon, we had to hang on (at high speed) to a huge inflatable banana in the middle of the Atlantic before hanging on (at even higher speed) to a chuby bloke on a jet ski across what seemed to be most of the Atlantic. Before heading back we had a blimp at the fish life beneath the waves through the windows of the catamaran's twin hulls.

When in rome as they say....So we had two really tasty indian meals before our hol was completed with an outstanding fireworks display at the harbour. A least we didn't have the usual (well not really) emergency landing at Faro airport, portugal using just one engine! Well maybe next year...........

Visit to the Lake District, UK January 2000

Our last visit to the lakes proved to be quite eventful. As well as Lisa and me, Dave and Shelly came along to enjoy the fresh air, countryside and hospitality Oh and the beer too!. We stayed at the wonderful Badgers Wood, Keswick, where we got well looked after (sorry about the noise Irene but it wasn't me honest!) well recommended if you're visiting the Lakes. We visited Winlatter forest park and scaled the dizzy heights of Scarfell Pike! Lots of boring video was taken and believe me its not worth displaying here!

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